This is a worldwide database and has a variety of book, articles, journals and audio/visual items.
This database is mostly online magazines and journals. There are also databases for children to search. Many of the articles are printable. This is great if you are doing research.
AtoZ the USA is the most comprehensive database for U.S. information on the market today. With the option to explore the country as a whole, or research a specific state or one of five US territories, AtoZ the USA will give your patrons in-depth access to a broad range of topics, including:
Official State Animals & Plants
Historical Timelines
Modern & Antique Downloadable Maps
National Symbols
State Symbols
Food & Recipes
Culture & Society
Geography Learning Resources
Government & Politics
AtoZ the USA is a great resource for school projects and patrons traveling the country.
AtoZ World Culture is the most comprehensive country cultural database on the market today. Featuring in-depth information on 175 countries, AtoZ World Culture will give your patrons a level of insight into each country that cannot be found anywhere else. Categories include:
Culture & Society
Food & Recipes
Language Video Dictionary
Royalty-free Maps
Royalty-free Images
National Symbols
Business Culture
AtoZ World Culture is an excellent resource for student projects and a great companion for international travelers.